TPK Does Bon Jovi

Thank you for being a fan! We hope you enjoy this little gift from us as a thank-you for all of your support!  Huge thanks to our executive producers on this track: Jacob Choate, the 6’5″ love-child of Paul Bunyan and Bob Vila with the voice of a young Meatloaf and a heart of gold &Chris Jones, “the Boy-Wonder from down under (Georgia, that is)” with the left foot of an Atlantian warrior and the guitar skills of the palest of Hendrix spectres.  You guys (and your brides) were such a blast to hang with- thanks for footing the bill for this audio-party… we had more fun than we’ve had in a long while.  Thanks to Jon Bon Jovi for writing such an iconic tune and shaming all men with your vocal prowess and follicle superiority… please forgive us for what we’ve done to your masterpiece.  Also MASSIVE thanks to Erik Herbst and the Panhandle House for having the superhuman ability to make 4 average Joes sound like rock stars.  We hope you all enjoy this gift!